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Fair Trade Event


Friday, March 21st I will be in Pacifica, CA talking about fair trade and I have sample of fair trade salts and sugars to try.

10:30 – 4:00 (Hours May be Extended)
488 Manor PLAZA (Not Drive)
Pacifica, CA 94044

Flavored Salt


When I was in Paris last year, I bought some delicious truffle salt. It has a very strong smell and flavor (and it isn’t cheap), so I decided to make some flavored salt that is a little milder. Made with fair trade salt and dried wild mushrooms. Ratio is one third ground mushrooms to two thirds salt. Fair Trade salt purchased at Whole Foods.

Fair Trade Cucumbers


Today at Rainbow Grocery I found a new fair trade item, cucumbers. Still looking for a store that carries fair trade green beans which I know are out there somewhere. What a change from when the only fair trade produce you could be sure to find was bananas!

The Fancy Food Show


This week I went to the Fancy Food Show to see and talk to the fair trade producers. I learned about a new type of fair trade called Equitable Trade which sets a price for the money received by farmers when the product sells at wholesale. It will be interesting to see if this catches on.

Certified or Direct Fair Trade

Certified Fair Trade products have a mark on their package that shows that a third party has investigated the producer to make sure that they comply with fair trade practices. They are paid for their certification by the farmers for their audit and by the buyer and they receive a percentage of the sales of fair trade products as well.

Pros: Consumers can easily identify fair trade products. The criteria for certification is established when it comes to what percentage of the product has to be fair trade.

Cons: Small farms are left out of the process.

Direct Fair Trade involves a direct relationship between the seller and the farmer. There is no middle organization. The seller determines that the farmer is practicing fair trade principles such as fair treatment of workers and sustainable agriculture. Direct trade sellers claim that more money is returned to the farmer’s communities for medical care, clean water and education.

Pros: No certification fees for farmers who can least afford it. Small farms are included.

Cons: No neutral third party oversight.

Fair Trade Spirits

Finding fair trade food is not as hard as you might think. Fair trade is everywhere, even in small towns and rural areas like the town I live in. Sometimes though I have to travel a bit to find what I am looking for. Last week I found fair trade Vodka and coffee liqueur. I made a cocktail called a Flutter with the coffee liqueur.

2 oz. Tequila
1 oz. Coffee liqueur* (Fair Trade available at Andronico’s)
1.25 oz Pineapple juice

Fair Trade Baking

Made with fair trade sugar and vanilla.

Made with fair trade sugar and vanilla.

I love to bake. In fact my thesis idea arose from my love of baking and my quest for fair trade ingredients. This blog is about a journey from a Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe to making fair trade and social justice a way of life. You can find fair trade food in many places if you know where to look and I want to share my research on finding it with everyone.

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