Finding Fair Trade: San Francisco

This is truly the hub of fair trade in the Bay Area. You won't have to go very far to find fair trade food. Stores sell fair trade chocolate, coffee and tea as well as grocery stores that stock fair trade trade items. The number of fair trade items is increasing. Just this week I found a fair trade energy drink in a store in San Francisco. Not that I need one but any time I see a fair trade certification label it gets my attention.

Store Review

Rainbow Grocery

They actually have signs in the store that say that they support fair trade! I love shopping here and it is owned by the workers. I find fair trade olive oil, tea, coffee, cookies, rice, agave, quinoa, cucumbers, mangoes, bananas, energy drinks, chocolate, flour, sugar, honey, coconut oil, spices, and more. Some fair trade foods are available in bulk such as quinoa and sugar.

Fair Trade San Francisco

San Francisco County

Albert & Eve Organics
Apollo Coffee 1064 Divisadero
Beanery 1307 9th Ave
Bi-Rite Market
Buyers Best Friend Mercato (two locations)
Coffee to the People 1206 Masonic Ave
Cafe Franco Fort Mason
Cantata Coffee Company 1708 Haight St
Capricorn Coffee & Teas
Castro Coffee Company
Chocolate Covered
CocoaBella (two locations)
Coffee To The People 1206 Masonic Ave
David's Tea (four locations)
Eating With The Seasons
Global Exchange
Golden Produce 172 Church St
Green Earth Natural Foods 860 Divisadero St
Haight Street Market
Hooker's Sweet Treats
Java Beach Cafe
L's Caffe
La Boulange
Macha Cafe 1355 Sutter St
Mama’ Art Cafe
Millennium Restaurant
Muisca Colombian Cafe 564 S Van Ness Ave
Nas Coffee 101 Spear St (two locations)
New Tree Cafe
Nibs 3717 Balboa St
Other Avenues Food Store Cooperative
Progressive Grounds Cafe
Quetzal Internet Cafe 1234 Polk St
Rainbow Grocery
Real Foods (two locations)
Ritual Roasters (three locations)
The San Francisco Chocolate Factory
The Organic Coffee Co
Trader Joe's
Twirl and Dip
Vasquez Coffee Company
Village Market 4555 California St
Whole Foods (five locations)