Fair Trade Product

Madacasse Pink Pepper & Citrus Chocolate bar

Purchased at Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco.

Fruity and spicy and the underlying chocolate is top quality. The texture is creamy and it melts easily in your mouth. This is a direct trade chocolate made in Madagascar with cocoa beans grown in Madagascar. So far all of this brand's chocolate bars have been exceptional.

Direct Fair Trade

Direct Fair Trade involves a direct relationship between the seller and the farmer. There is no middle organization. The seller determines that the farmer is practicing fair trade principles such as fair treatment of workers and sustainable agriculture. Direct fair trade sellers claim that more money is returned to the farmer’s communities for medical care, clean water and education.

Direct Fair Trade

Fair Trade History
The Modern Movement

Unfortunately, once you buy a wooden clock, you don't need another one in a week. After the novelty of fair trade handcrafts wore off, the movement would lose momentum and people would lose interest.

In the 1990s there was a shift away from fair trade handcrafts to fair trade food. It started with the world's second most traded commodity, coffee. This was made possible by the breakdown of international coffee trade agreements and the subsequent panic among coffee farmers who began looking for an alternative way of marketing and getting a fair market price for their coffee.

While sales of fair trade goods in the early 1990s were 80% handcrafts and 20% food, by 2002 the scales had tipped the other way.